Sunday, August 31, 2003

Bush to air-breathers: Drop dead! 

Andrew Bridges of AP writes:

The federal government is backing a lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court that seeks to overturn a California clean-air agency's attempt to curb pollution from buses, taxis, trash trucks and other fleet vehicles.

The brief marked the third time in a month the federal government has weighed in on issues that affect Southern California's fight against the nation's worst smog.

Previously, the EPA refused to commit to any emission reduction measures that the AQMD sought for the region. The AQMD requested the action in the latest update to its plan to clean up Southern California's air by 2010.

And on Wednesday, the EPA unveiled revisions to the 40-year-old Clean Air Act that will allow power plants and factories to upgrade without adopting the most up-to-date pollution control equipment.

Heck, California is a Blue State. Fuck 'em.

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