Friday, November 06, 2009

Francisco Franco Just Won't Die 

Via Booman Tribune:
The abortion compromise was turning into a contest of wills, with the U.S. Conference of Bishops on one side and Pelosi, a devout Catholic and a supporter of abortion rights, on the other.

[Rep. Brad] Ellsworth said at least three Democratic abortion-rights opponents have agreed to support his language, but many others won’t because the bishops don’t support it.

“Other members felt like they needed the … blessing of the Catholic bishops,” Ellsworth said.

Attention Brad Ellsworth (D-Papal Infallibility) and "other members". This ain't Francisco Franco's Carlist/Opus Dei Catholic Theocracy. You don't "need" the "blessing" of Catholic Bishops to support anything (not yet anyway). Despite the putrescent lustings and aspirations of energumens like Pat Buchanan and William Donohue and Rick Santorum and Richard John Neuhaus and so on. (And that goes for Mr. True Progressive Purity League feather flouncer Dennis Kucinich too.)


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