Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tomato Blight Night Post 

Actual SBL/farm photos:

Early signs of blight on leaves (outlined in red above)

Beneath this seemingly happy looking canopy lurks a tangled fungal nightmare of blight and doom and metastasizing horrors!

Areas of blighted leaves outlined in red above.

Closeup of blighted leaves below. Leaves curl and dry out, turn brown and die. Early warnings of late blight may also appear as yellow discoloration with black or brown spots appearing on leaves. Although this can be an indication of other fungal disease such as Septoria Leaf Spot or witchcraft.

Blighted leaves and early signs of blight discloration on tomato (yellow circle above photo).

Blight demon (see red arrow in above photo) hides among the devastation. The only way to destroy a blight demon is to implore Sarah Palin's Kenyan pastor Thomas Muthee to kill the witch that sent the blight demons to kill all the tomatoes. Either that or you can lure the demons from their hiding places with fire, hit them on the head with a death panel, and then drown them in a tub of chlorine. Or shoot them from a helicopter.

Below: three photos of blighted/demon possessed tomatoes.



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