Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Angry Wingnut Wind-Up Toys! 

Wind one up and watch it hop around like a fly on a hot stove at your next public square town hall healthcare meeting! So lifelike! Even CBS News and CNN's Candy Crowley think they are real!

Angry Wingnut Windup Toys (TM) are a jointly owned subsidary of RightWingNutter Playpen USA and the Managed Healthcare Bureaucrat Family of Insurance Company Lobbyist Caregivers of America.

Wind one of yer own up today. Provides hours of mindless dogmatic hairbrained hamstringin' obstructionist fun for the entire windup wingnut family!

Teabagger Wind-up Toy Freakshow rolls into "health care town hall meeting with U.S. Representative John Dingell" (with photos):
Daily Kos diary


"President Bush confiding wistfully (and sounding serious) that his dog, Barney, was the son he never had.


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