Monday, March 02, 2009

Firebase Ditto, or... 

Last Chance for Hot Gas

Field Marshall Limbaugh's Red State Teabagger Stike Force defend the Republican Party Base Camp - (click image for larger view).

Young Republican Teabagger rallies the pickets.
( photo: washingtonindependent.com/31868/scenes-from-the-new-american-tea-party )

I'm going to assume they learned this teabagging assault stuff from Pastor Ted (Haggard) or Mark Foley, but ya never know. Maybe they've been special training with this guy: Pink Dawn.

Meanwhile, Joe Klein finally reaches the top of the crooked staircase, whereupon he turns to look back, and discovers:
In truth, class warfare is what the Reagan Era gave us: thirty years of tax breaks for the wealthy at the expense of the common weal, thirty years of lax regulations which enabled the bankers to strip-mine the savings of average Americans while reaping huge rewards in Ponzi schemes, like the micro-dividing of mortgage assets that were really debits. Once again, I’m not sure Obama’s proposals will work—some will surely be more successful than others, there’s a good chance that rather than being too bold, he isn’t being bold enough—but I am absolutely certain where the continuation, or augmentation, of Reagan-Bush policies would leave us: even worse off than we are now.


Someone hand Joe the bolt cutters so he can remove the ball and chain from his ankle manacle.


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