Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CPAC and S.S. Wingnut Productions Present: Jindal Island 

The message started getting weird, the GOP was tossed.
If not for the courage of a fearless few, the WINGNUT would be lost.
The WINGNUT would be lost.

Lighthouse keeper Walt Dellinger (via Daily Kos):
"Bobby Jindal was terrific. His response is the most effective I can remember since Ed Muskie's fireside chat following Nixon's State of the Union in 1970. The staging was beautiful -- the old South governor's mansion with the big magnolia tree in front leading in to his slender young son of immigrants serving as Governor. He presented an alternative vision that was not mean sprited, but optimistic. Will this do for Jindal what the 2004 keynote speech did for Obama?"

Ahoy! Ahoy!

So join us here this week my friends,
you're sure to crack a smile,
when several Wingnut castways,
wash up on CPAC isle.

CPAC Dinner Theater and S.S. Wingnut Productions Present: Jindal's Island
Bobby Jindal - as Bobby Jindal
Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher - as the Skipper
Sarah Palin - as Mary Ann
Ann Coulter - as Ginger Grant
Ben Stein - as Thurston Howell III
Michelle Bachman - as "Lovey" Wentworh Howell
Steven Moore - as the Professor

Joe Wurzelbacher has appeared previously with John McCain and Sarah Palin in the critically acclaimed 2008 stage production of "Joe The Plumber". He most recently played a war correspondent in screenwriter Roger Simon's Pajama Media production of "Oh My Gaza, The Disturbing Dispatches of an Anti-Correspondent". CPAC Dinner Theater is proud to present Joe Wurzelbacher as The Skipper - Bobby Jindal's salty yet loveable "hut-mate" - in this years production of Jindal's Island.

Sarah Palin needs no introduction. She has appeared in many yoo-toob videos and lavish Wallisawood productions such as Rich Lowry's methamphetamine crazed romantic nutbuster comedy hit "Starburst Borealis" (a Sofa Wanker/Corner Erection Films production) but she is also too, and most memorably, credited for her award winning box office big ticket item smash performance in the classic adaptation of "Breakfast at Neiman Marcus". Also, Sarah has starred in the action adventure horror cult flick "Straight Talk Express" (co-starring John McCain) as well as the folksy family values hits "You Betcha" and "Moose Chili Snow Machine Hockey Mom". She is currently on location in Alaska co-producing a timely sensitive indy film titled "Greta and Dood", a tragic story of a lonely Scientologist - torn between the frozen bone chilling fast paced world of snowmobile racing and the cold fast paced world of cable television news - and obsessed with a happy dimwit married to an ambitious politician who is torn between the chillingly dull fast paced world of snowmobile racing and the hot cold-blooded fast paced world of political racing. Whatever. CPAC is thrilled to present Sarah Palin, as Mary Ann Winters, the perky wholesome former beauty queen enamored with the inane and hopelessly fruitless idiocies of the Professor (Steven Moore).


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