Friday, November 07, 2008

SBL what next thread 

Not sure where to go from here. Time to plant some garlic. And do all the things I haven't been doing that i was supposed to do but didn't because I couldn't pry my fingers off the election politics wheel.

I think i might go into the ridiculing the Wingnuts business full time (like they always do at Sadly, No and other places like that). Most of the sad sorry stoopid bastards are sort of hanging on the edge of the cliff at this point and I think it might be fun to get in on the finger stomping before they can claw their crazy way back from the edge.


in the meantime go read John's election day report from Chicago.

citizen pazdan reports from chicago

Photo links: Grant Park, Chicago; Dem Convention, August 1968.
[1] - Grant Park 1968
[2] - Grant Park 1968

Grant Park, 2008:
citizen pazdan part 2 (with photos)


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