Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin and The Romper Room Rally in Reno 

Sarah the Palin, in Reno, Nevada (Oct 21, 2008), giving shout outs to the underprops in her Magic Mirror:
"I just the other day in New Mexico I saw a sign that said Ed the dairyman, [...] we can call him Tito the builder, [...] Phil the bricklayer and Rose the teacher and Karina the nurse [...] we have Andy Engineer, we have Dave the cop, we have Jeffery the hockey player, we've got another miner, we've got John the, John the only Republican in my high school..."

Listen to Palin via the Rachael Maddow show segment clip below (at about the 1 minute mark)

And lets not forget Todd the First Dude, and Saks the Fifth Avenue, and the Bridge to Nowhere, and what's his face the farmer, and...

and lets not forget the Magic Mirror:

Romper bomper, stomper boo, tell me-tell me, tell me do. Magic mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play?

And I see Neiman, and I see Marcus, and I see Macy's... hey, I can see Macy's from here, and Russia also - I can see Russia from my front porch - and Maverick, and Al Haig, and Victoria's secret, and Rich Lowry,... hey, what's he doin' there... ewww!, that reminds me of a spawning salmon.


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