Saturday, August 23, 2008

McCoffee Run 

How much gasoline does it take to buy fetch a cup of "signature" coffee for some pampered old palatine?
What Does It Take for McCain to Get a Cappuccino?

But as a presidential candidate, even simple activities—like getting some caffeine—cause a lot of commotion. McCain has what’s known as a “pool” of reporters who go wherever he goes. So every time he wants to leave the ranch, he must take a sizable entourage of Secret Service agents and reporters with him.

On Friday morning, the Arizona senator decided he didn’t want someone else to go get his morning cappuccino. Instead, he’d like to pick up his java himself. [...]


Just before 8 a.m., McCain deemed it time. He and his wife, Cindy, both clad in baseball hats and sunglasses, climbed in the back of one of two SUVs. Joining the parade: two press vans and two silver minivans.

The whole group pulled into the parking lot of a Safeway grocery store. While reporters and some security detail waited several yards away, McCain and his wife walked into the grocery store to retrieve their coffee.


McCain emerged 15 minutes or so later with his signature cappuccino in hand. He headed home, to continue his preparation for the Republican Party convention.

Hey, Baron McDemitasse, brew your own drip for a change. Buy a fucking coffee machine. Buy 12 fucking coffee machines! And ask your pantryman to show you how to use them.


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