Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MC Sidney (the 3rd) 

(aka: John Sidney McCain III)

He be toasting!

He's Not Like You and Me. He's thin and fit and he doesn't bowl. He drinks orange juice and his church is strange, y'know. His flag pin is AWOL and his name is Hussein. He eats fancy food at fancy restaurants instead of instant chow mein. He was born of exotic parents in a land of coconuts and bamboo. His wife is mouthy and his hue is taboo. He ain't really 'murkan, Larry Johnson tells me, so it must be true.

Get on the track with the MC Cain Choo-Choo-Hizzle, BBQ Sizzle with the G.O.P. Gangster Of Pizzle - Slo Gin Fizzle - Yo! - MC Sidney's Snizzle Biskett Express!

Fo' shonkey.

! ! ! ! f ! ! ! !

BREAKING! This is good news for John Sidney McCain the Third.

Oh boy (bold emphasis in blockquote below is mine): this is huge, people. HUGE
This scandal has the ability to blow the race APART. And I’m not just saying that because it allows me to type IN ALL CAPS.

Once again, an Obama supporter has injected "race" into the campaign narrative.


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