Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Fight Thread 

Obama or McCain or... who would you rather argue with begining in February 2009?

1)- McCain, because, my friends, I will always be right and he [McCain] will always be wrong, and I will win every time! (Meanwhile: Joe Lieberman will be appointed first Viceroy of the glorious post-surge Neo-Iraqian liberation colony.)

2)- Obama, because at least I will stand a chance that he will change his mind and see it my way (By Unitary Executive decree: exile George W. Bush to the care of a short tempered rutting muskox on the island of Ellesmere in the the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and attach Dick Cheney to a giant taser that delivers it's payload every time someone, somewhere, anywhere in the world, steps on a bloated tick) and then he will smile a big hopey dopey smile at me and look into my eyes and make me feel very special.

3)- Hillary, because then The Big Creep will come over to my house and throw empty Crown Royal bottles at me. And a kitchen sink too. And I would like to have a new kitchen sink because the one I have isn't all that great and I figger the Clinton's probably have a purty fancy kitchen sink or two left laying around the old place in Westchester or Georgetown or Lake Winola or wherever it is they have the kitchen sinks stockpiled. And if they want to throw one my way I'll gladly take it.

NOTE: I'd like one of those swanky CorStone Chepachet Self-Rim Double Bowl outfits with the Mineral Graphite finish if that ain't to much to ask; just sayin'. (and please get your fat ass off my lawn after you are done delivering the sink). But I would still trade in that new kitchen sink for the chance to see Dick Cheney electrocuted by eels.

4)- Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader, because after we pretty much run out of things to argue about we can go down in my organically earth cooled basement and listen to Machine Gun in the Clown's Hand on my homemade hemp loom powered hi-fi.

5)- Bob Barr, because I would like to have a beer with his wife Roseanne.

6)- other.


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