Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Observations and weekend TV Stuff 

3 Tim Russert.

No, not really. It's actually a photo of Smiley Burnette:


Wiki link "Lester Alvin (Smiley) Burnette (March 18, 1911 – February 16, 1967), an American singer-songwriter who could play as many as 100 different musical instruments, was a successful comedy actor in Western films over three decades."


Tim Russert always reminded me of that photo of Smiley Burnette. Doesn't mean anything, I just thought I'd mention it. (updated:)

He was a boy of summer. He met his wife on a summer day. His son was born in summer. And so it is that we blow him a kiss goodbye on a soft summer evening, this sweetheart of a man who always left us smiling.

~ Mike Barnicle
[Kennedy Center memorial service for Tim Russert, June 18, 2008]


Give golf a chance

3 Rocco Mediate at the US Open. (AP photo).

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