Thursday, June 19, 2008

Larry Sinclair's Big Night Out On The Town 

Sideshow Larry Sinclair arrested following his seedy freakshow perfomance at the National Press Club.

Reason Magazine:
More Fun in Obamaconspiracyville: In Which Larry Sinclair Gets Arrested
David Weigel | June 18, 2008, 6:41pm

I blogged a few weeks back about a convicted criminal, Larry Sinclair, who'd been begging the media to cover his wild allegations about Barack Obama. Today Sinclair trotted into the National Press Club to air the allegations before what can literally be described as an audience of international press, and can more accurately be described as an amused bunch of people taking in a circus act.

It had been a difficult morning for Sinclair. The Politico's Ben Smith published a short feature on Sinclair's 27-year criminal record of fraud and petty crimes; Greta Van Susteren linked the story, and told viewers/readers why she has ignored him. "While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people," she wrote, prompting commenters to call her a cover-up artist and an agent of Barack Obama.


The second Sinclair stopped taking questions, he fled the room and reporters were denied access to anyone but Sibley. I was a little disappointed until I heard the reason. Larry Sinclair was arrested after the press conference and is being held by the Washington, D.C. metropolitan police. He's been charged as a fugitive from justice; one of his warrants can be seen here.

UPDATE: More details here.

Blogger News Network:
Speculation is that the arrest stemmed from a Delaware warrant, although there is also an outstanding felony warrant out for Sinclair from the Pueblo County (CO) Sheriff’s Department.

Maybe Agent Flowbee will bust him out and they'll hook up with Taylor Marsh and all three of them will flee across the country in a 1974 Puma GTB; cashing bad checks and stealing hair dye products from all night drug stores. It'll be the romantic outlaw loser car chase blockbuster date movie hit of the summer: Two Dirty Larry's and a Crazy Morass.

I won't spoil the ending, but, it involves a crossing and a speeding train.


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