Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Open Speculation Thread 

I predict that Hillary will get 40% of the Skinhead vote in Oregon on May, 20.

What kind of persona will Hillary adopt for her campaign visit to Oregon?

Will she become:

[1] - A wiley beaver trapper.

[2] - A Tigercat feller buncher operator.

[3] - A psilocybin rancher.

[4] - The Portland Rose Festival Queen.

[5] - The crazy lady in the Nike sneakers and the canary yellow pantsuit that stole the lunch money from the kid in Klamath Falls.

[6] - A plucky saloon drunk, tossing back Full Sail Amber Ale, and telling salty girlhood tales of fightin' - and shootin' - and wrasslin' Spring chinook from the Rogue River with her bare hands - with Ken Kesey - while naked - and other stuff.

[?] - Some other plausible options... (contribute your own in comments below)


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