Sunday, May 04, 2008

Huggy Bear Goes-A-Courtin' 

McLove Story - A marriage of true morons:

Think Progress [if you dare]

McCain’s staff and Bush’s staff talk ‘everyday.’ At a lunch hosted today by the Christian Science Monitor, former uber-lobbyist Charlie Black, who is a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), said that McCain’s staff talks to the President Bush’s staff "everyday."

s s s s s

and then shortly thereafter that:

Mr. & Mr. McBu$h accompany each other on a gas-tax holiday giveaway getaway with Bill and Hill from Friggin Lake. They all play golf and pinochle and eat pieces of baked Cod and BBQ'd baby back pork rinds and Higher Pie and freshly filched painkillers and toss back slugs of Old Pantsuit and Cindy Beer and Crazy Uncle Dick's Stovepipe Moonshine (it's just like being shot in the face!) made from fermented hubris and the shredded fortitude of the US Constitution. And then Mr. and Mr. McBu$h anounce that they are pregnant and are expecting results somewhere around the year 3008 - God bless - and Hill jokes: "I feel your pain" - and everyone laughs - and Bill passes out Legacy Cigars - and Mr. McBu$h offers a toast to "thresholds" - and Hill concurs, "ready on day one!" - and the other Mr. McBu$h stands and declares "mission accomplished" - "Bring it on" - "Dead or Alive" - whatever it is.

And as if that weren't enough holiday fun for any one - milking one free tank of gas - Joey "BooBoo The Bear" Lieberman comes a runnin' up from the waters edge with a picnic basket - flip-flopping full of fear - an anglers feast - by hook and crook - Gefilte fish and catfish with coins in their bellies! - terror still fresh in their eyes. Fabulous! Another round of Uncle Dick's Stovepipe Blind-shine on the house! Lightning flashes in the distance - The Obliterator cackles - and the crickets go chirp, ,chirp, chirp - and the wind gently whistles the bonfire ever upward into the black evening - and the Aspens flutter - shivering - a collective shudder - turning in clusters - my friends - because, as the celebrated poet and novelist and barrel man Scooter "I Lewis" Libby once expounded, "their roots connect them".

Oh, the tangled giveaway, getaway, gotaway, schemes we weave.


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