Monday, May 05, 2008

The Commander in Chief Teste 

Cackling Codpieces Batloon! A Pandering Polyorchid in a Pantsuit?

James Carville explains (Newsweek):
Carville takes the view that the longer Obama is out there under scrutiny, the more the voters see his vulnerabilities. "Everything that's happened to him is not because of her. She hasn't laid much of a glove on him other than just being there," Carville says.

Obama didn't have much choice in deciding to take on Wright. It was a fight he did all he could to avoid, acting only when it threatened to destroy his candidacy. "The Republicans will eat him alive" is what the Clinton campaign is telling the superdelegates. Hillary is the tougher of the two, the candidate you want on your side in a knife fight, a gender reversal that prompts Carville to indulge in some ribald humor: "If she gave him one of her cojones, they'd both have two."


So, I guess that means she has three you know whats, and if she gave one to Obama, she'd still have two left to play with?

Well, Ooo-kay. Apparently she's pretty good in a knife fight too. No doubt a consequence of years of harrowing tarmac sniper fire engagements. But I don't understand, if she is such a good fighter, how come, as Carville says, she hasn't even "laid much of a glove on him" (Obama)?

Maybe she's too busy playing with her nuts? Well, I dunno. But, if we are to understand Carville, we would have to conclude that if Hillary Clinton is elected commander in chief she will be the first woman president with three "cojones" below the belt. And then we would have to also assume we are electing America's first triorchid (as far as I know).

Sounds like a flower doesn't it? Unless of course she gave one "orchid" to Obama. In that case she'd be just another sad sack - one family jewel short of the original dowry.

She should probably be careful around that knife. If ya know what i mean (and i think ya do).

Polyorchidism / triorchidism
Polyorchidism is the incidence of more than two testes. It is a very rare congenital disorder, with under 100 cases reported in medical literature. The most common form is triorchidism, or tritestes, where three testes are present. The condition is usually asymptomatic, but can increase the risk of testicular cancer. A man who suffers from polyorchidism is known as a polyorchid


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