Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gipper McCain and the Magic Mirror 

Kargo X writes an interesting post (at Daily Kos):

Ah! Ah ha! Theeeeeere it is! By offering the vice presidency to Joe Lieberman, McCain could win Schoen's imaginary RAMs. Now we get down to it. The moderate, pragmatic, common sense, nonpartisan solution to Iraq is to elect a president who says we should stay for a hundred years and start more wars along the way, buuuuuuut... bring along a vice president who says we should stay for a hundred years and start more wars along the way.


I wish I could hold out some hope that the "chattering classes," when their producers agree to book Schoen on TV, would beat his ridiculous meme to death as all of America looks on. But unfortunately, Schoen has a suit, and he will wear that suit on television. And probably some horn-rimmed glasses too. And you just know how America goes weak for suits and glasses.

So let's compromise, Doug Schoen-style. We will agree to recognize the deeply stupid and ossified thinking that defines Schoen's politics (and this is very pragmatic of us, because American politics are in reality deeply stupid and ossified), and television punditry will agree to laud Schoen's politics as deeply insightful and visionary. Then we will agree to meet in the middle, and laud Schoen's politics as deeply insightful and visionary?

Sound like a deal?

I knew you'd see this my way!

Let's get together for a beer next time I'm in Show Low.

Go read it all for the full scoop. But what he is talking about here ... what the Doug Schoen critters of the world are trying to sell us is...:
By offering the vice presidency to a well-regarded moderate such as his old friend Joe Lieberman, McCain would go a long way to ensuring victory in November

And speaking of the "stupid and ossified" it reminds me of:

Ronald reagan circa 1976!

Becuzz, you see, in the summer of 1976 Ronald Reagan selected Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania to be his Vice Prez running mate against Jerry Ford for the Republican party nomination. The choice of VP by Reagan during the summer was unusual because the Republican party nomination process was still underway at the time. Jerry Ford eventually won the nomination. But Reagan selected Schweiker (Arlen Specter now holds Schweiker's old seat) as his running mate because he, Schweiker, was considered a "moderate" to "liberal" Republican and therefore represented the kind of "moderate, pragmatic, common sense, nonpartisan" can-do party flavor that all those celebrated willy nilly moppets love to nibble on at least if you buy into Doug Schoen's latest RAM and cheese voter remix.

Schweiker also served as a dilution solution for the crazy batshit southern rascist rotgut Strom Thurmond poured for in back in the day. The same rotgut vote that went to Reagan in the SC primary in 76. And, also, as an alternative for any other voters who just thought Jerry Ford a mumbler-bumbler who couldn't climb a flight of stairs and smile and wave at a tarmac brass band all at the same time without turning the whole skit into another Chevy Chase routine.

Ford won the Republican nomination. Reagan lost. Jimmy Carter was elected president. But still, the dream lives on in the bemuddled minds of the Doug Schoen's of the world. Viva Lobotomy 76!

I see Johnny and I see Joey and I see Ronnie and I see Dick

Dick Schweiker was married to "Miss Claire" who was one of the original hostesses of the Romper Room show. Remember the "Magic Mirror"? Sure ya do.

No one can ever forget the "Magic Mirror".

Gipper McCain and Joe "Magic Mirror" Lieberman. That's the ticket.

Have you said your prayers today?


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