Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Mittster Got A Brand New Bag 

Mitt Romney, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business


Mittster Got A Brand New Bag
Hello fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing now (shall I go ahead!)
I want to get into it, man, you know
Like a, like a party machine
Yes, indeed
Moving it and doing it
Can I count it off guys? (ok, go ahead?)
One, two, three, four!

Get up, Get up!
I'm on the scene, I am a party machine.

Get it up, Get it up!
I'm on the scene, I am a party machine.

Who let the dog out!
On the scene, slacks machine
Who put the caffeine in the hot chocolate machine!
Shake your booty, then move your arms
And stay on the scene
Like a party machine!
A lean mean Brylcreem(TM) dream!
Vanilla ice cream machine!
Get up now!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, who let the golden retriever out!
Who put the Crest(TM) in the Whitestrips(TM)
Who who!

You've got to have the groove
Sure as you're born
Born wellborn,
Born in the USA
Get up!

Get it on, get down and boogie!
Play that funky music
Right on!
What it izzz! i got the funk!
Who let the dog out of the trunk!
I got that, I got that boom boom!
I got you babe!
Shake your money maker mama
Shake your money maker for daddy!
Shake your money maker for daddy!
The Mittster is the pizzle
A flex machine with chizzle
Chizzle in the swizzle
The chizzle in the swizzle in the drizzle!

Who put the apple in the Snapple(TM)!
Who put the babble in the Scrabble(TM)!
Who put the Staples(TM) in Naples!
Hit it!

Oh yeah, oh yeah!
One more time, from the top
From the top, hit it guys
Take them to the bridge Taggster
Take them to the bridge now!
Everyone to the bridge
Pump it up, oh yeah, oh yeah
Here we go, here we go

Who let the dog in!
Who turned the hose on
Who put the funk in the junk
Who got the funk in the junk now!

Someone needs to call the police.


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