Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shameless wealthy shoplifters... 

cost honest hardworking Americans billions.

"...7 cents out of each dollar paid by honest taxpayers, as much as $70 billion a year, the report estimated."

4 See for yerself:
Tax Cheats Called Out of Control August 1, 2006 by the New York Times - by David Cay Johnston.

And don't forget to read (if you haven't yet) David Clay Johnston's book Perfectly Legal; the covert campaign to rig our tax system to benefit the super rich - and cheat everyone else. Available from your local independently owned bookmonger (like if you can still find one of those laying around), or Amazon dot com, or wherever the hell it is you buy your books from. ( Book Cover image )

4 From the prologue to Perfectly Legal (published 2003 by the Penguin Group), page 2:
A good tax system flows from the economic order and greases the wheels of commerce. Taxes make it possible to do business through the enforcement of contracts, maintenance of the infrastructure, protection provided by the military and education of the populace, among other functions. In every place where there is no real tax system, such as Honduras or Afghanistan, there is no widespread wealth. All rich countries have high taxes because wealthy societies have high demands for public goods. As Supreme Court Justice oliver Wendell Holmes said, "Taxes are what we pay for civilized society." Today, though, many want their civilization at a deep discount. Some want a free ride. There are politicians who spout law and order, but vote to handcuff the tax police.


Perfectly Legal will expose how the majority of Americans are being duped into supplementing the incomes and extravagant lifestyles of the rich and powerful. In the nine years that I have researched this story, I have met hundreds of people whose very livelihoods have been threatened because of the blatantly unfair, even prejudiced, way that our current tax system is manipulated for profit by the wealthy and well positioned. These are their stories. ~ David Clay Johnston, Perfectly Legal; page 2.

Here's what Mr. P-Niss had to say about Perfectly Legal:
mr p-niss"After reading 'Perfectly Legal' by David Clay Johnston, I was so angy and frustrated I wanted to beat Kate Barton of Ernst & Young (Boston, MA) to within an inch of her swindling greedy life with a rolled up copy of "Barely Legal"! Fortunately, Ms V-Niss dissuaded me from such an unruly outburst and instead suggested we drown the crazy theiving bitch off a rock jetty near Dennisport, MA in the early autumn of 2004."

Thats how inciteful a book it is. Earmark a small portion of the fabulous death tax boodle you'll be rolling around in like a sow in a spa-wallow when yer dear ole' daddy keels over dead and his two hundred acre 110 herd dairy barn estate collapses in a heap of suffocating debt to the off-shore bankers and corporate agri-bizz sheiks. So treat yourself to a copy you lucky twit. Afterall, you'll have plenty of time to read whacky financialia-racket conspiracy theory yarns while sitting around your newly landscaped italian tiled cow pond which you'll be enjoying thanks to the tireless efforts of shameless wealthy shoplifters who have nothing but your giddy barely legal self-interests in mind. Sweet!


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