Friday, September 23, 2005

What Happens if We Leave Now? 

(This is in response to the question posed by Nudnik in comments.)

Americans stop getting killed for no g-ddam reason in Iraq. That's a good thing. We can rededicate those resources to capturing Osama and his network and keeping the US safe at home.

The civil war that has been going on for at least two years continues. But, just like what happened in Vietnam when the US got out, the civil war will come to it's natural conclusion. Once they are rid of our massive outside influence the Iraqis will resolve their Civil War themselves. There will be winners and there will be losers, but it will end.

Why do you think the Sunni insurgents are blowing up Shiite and Kurd civilians? Because they hate freedom? Because they want to make everyone terrafied?

It's because they want to send a message to the other ethnic groups: Don't fuck with us. Give us what we want or we'll kill you.

Why do you think the Sunni insurgents are blowing up US soldiers?

It's because they see them as a foreign influence on the side of their ethnic enemies.

Once we get the US military and their giant permanent bases out the slaughter will be stopped, eventually, by the Iraqis themselves. By staying we are only preventing this from happening and prolonging the slaughter. The palestinian insurgency has been going on for what, 40 years?

We might not like what Iraq looks like after we get out, but whatever the Iraqis come up with will be self-determined. That's the first step towards democracy. There can be no democracy in the Middle East if it's imposed by the US at gunpoint.

If bordering countries try to interfere we can threaten to bomb the bejeebus out of them. The current US military is designed to confront an organized army and a country with a government. We can cause the governments of Iran, Syria or Turkey some serious pain. This is something we can do very well. Everybody knows this and we can use it for leverage.

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