Monday, September 26, 2005

What Did "We" Demonstrate? 

That "We" is bracketed because not all of us who oppose the Bush policies in Iraq were there. Corrente was represented by Riggsveda, and I'm sure we'll hear more first-hand reporting from her when the pain subsides from her broken toe, (not sure if this was a result of demonstrating, but as all who read her know, she is nothing if not intense, particularly about this demonstration).

I should admit right up front that I was somewhat skeptical of this demonstration. First, I have a real problem with ANSWER, even though I agree that it is outrageous that it is only the left that is ever called upon to renounce their idiot contingent; compare the actual power in the world of Ramsey Clark to that of Dr. Dobson, or Pat Buchanan, who has a permanent berth of sorts at MSNBC, and I'm not even mentioning all those certifiable racist loons who are waiting for the confederate South to rise again, and who show up all over the place where Republicans gather. Second, I always worry about lack of focus, as well as a dangerous sort of moral superiority that can develop in demonstrators, a topic for a later post. In spite of all that, had I not been a full continent away from Washington, I would have been there.

Max speaks, and able to report first-hand what he saw, makes short shrift of my compunctions. In addition, he has a joyous discussion, including pictures, of who was there that convinces me something real was happening.

The picture above is courtesy of Max Sawicky; he has lots of others, too.

The rest you can find at the new Corrente by clicking here.

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