Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Remember the Shrilldren 

The Editors is on fire today, like a man attempting to digest a giant Taco de Lengua (Beef Tongue) con Extra Salsa Picante. He's taking on the Wingnuttosphere's response to the DeLay indictment as it is served to him piece by piece from La Cocina de el Enferno.

I don't know where The Poorman (and SadlyNo! and Mon General for that matter) get the intestinal fortitude to stomach looking at RightWingnut sites all the time. But it's funny as hell. And it gives the Left Blogosphere instant recon of enemy activities.

Am I Mexing metaphors yet?

I was honored and humbled to meet The Editors in person at the latest BARBARian drinkfest. I encourage people to go to meatworld meetups. Not surprisingly, people who are funny, smart and interesting on the internets tend to be the same in person. And like protests they give you a feeling that you are not alone in this fucked up world.

Legal Warning: this is not dating advice. By reading this disclaimer you agree not to hold me responsible for any freaks/perverts/nerds/smelly/despicable people you might meet on the internets for dating purposes.

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