Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Ord of War 

I love my city (San Francisco) sometimes. Actually I love it often. Just walking around you can see examples of citizens sharing their creativity through counter-propaganda.

Last night I was at one of my favorite drinking spots, Zeitgeist, and my friends pointed out this billboard, tacked onto the side of the bar's building and clearly visible from the beer garden. It's so well done (it mimics the graphic style of the corporate Lord of War campaign) that you don't notice right away, but if you look closely... that's my Bush!

If you look even closer (you can click on the close up image at the Billboard Liberation Front page if you dare) you'll see that the Bush image is made up of hundreds of... yes that's right, hundreds of assholes.

This other guy I know from the 'hood who was at Zeitgeist told me about the a-holes cause you can't really tell from the ground. My comment to him: "appropriate".

As a marketing tool, I totally appreciate things like this and the FreewayBlogger and the Grover Norquist Katrina Bathtub billboard currently rolling around the DC Metro Area because in marketing it's all about getting the highest Number of Impressions possible. This stuff is mass media that spreads the message to a large number of people. As opposed to blogs which are more of a targeted, opt-in kind of medium. When the two work together, 's a beautiful thing.

UPDATE: Alert reader Nur al-Cubicle has some counter-propaganda painted on Israel's illegal de-facto-landgrab partition wall.

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