Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Little Cloud on the Southern Horizon 

One becomes curious when a story with words like "heavily edited," "FBI document" and "election fraud" (not to mention "federal campaign contribution laws" and "straw contributions") runs as a very obscure News Brief in a relatively obscure paper. This needs more research to tie the links together but if I wait to do that it may get lost altogether, so here it is. Consider it an appetizer:

(via Columbia SC State)
A heavily edited version released Monday of an FBI document used to seize records in an investigation into possible election fraud sheds little additional light on the case.

The FBI is in the early stages of a probe, led by the Justice Department’s Public Integrity section, of allegations that companies with ties to the Catawba Indian Nation may have violated federal campaign contributions laws. The allegations include possible “straw” contributions made by one contributor in the name of another.

Among the few new disclosures is that the Washington, D.C.-based FBI agent who led an Aug. 31 search of New River Management & Development, SPM (formerly Southern Property Management) and Kapp Investments in Columbia specializes in cases of public corruption and fraud against the government.

Nearly half of agent Amylynn Miller’s 17-page affidavit, described as a “road map” to the investigation, was entirely withheld from public disclosure by U.S. Magistrate Judge Bristow Marchant.

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