Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina: Our delusional Preznit 

It all comes down to President Shit Magnet's character, doesn't it?

Later in Biloxi, Miss., Bush tried to comfort two stunned women wandering their neighborhood clutching Hefty bags, looking in vain for something to salvage from the rubble of their home. [Bush] kept insisting they could find help at a Salvation Army center down the street, even after another bystander had informed him it had been destroyed.
(via Ap)

That's Inerrant Boy in a "nut" shell, isn't it?

1. He's wrong.

2. Other people tell Him He's wrong, and give the evidence.

3. He insists He's right.

Didn't work in the Iraq Clusterfuck (except for the 2002 midterms, of course), and it isn't working in the Katrina Clusterfuck either.

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