Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Good Fight 

Drumming up business can be tough. I wonder if Dear Leader would be any good in sales?

I have a friend who works for a major advertising agency. She’s what you’d call the classic example of middle management, neither so high nor so low up as to be exceptional nor mundane. When I met first met her, one thing that made me know we’d immediately be friends was the fact that she did not own a TV. Actually, she did, but it sat atop her cat tree, awaiting a rush of energy when she felt like dragging it down the stairs and to the trash receptacle outside her co-op (she’s a small person). I knew then that we’d be fast friends. I was right.

c'mon by the New Corrente Building and read the rest. I promise, it's clean, well-lit, and has a lot of fancy new features that I'm working hard to take advantage of. In fact, we're passing out hefty supplies of free beer, choice bud, and Peace in the Middle East!

.../end bush/ Yes, that must be how he does it. Hope it works for me.

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