Thursday, September 29, 2005

Election Fraud 2006: Something to do by 5:00PM tomorrow 

While you're waiting for the 5:00 horror:

Alert reader Alice Marshall alerts us the following:

The Federal Election Assistance Commission closes the public comment period on their proposed Voluntary Voting System Guidelines at 5 p.m. this Friday, September 30, 2005.

Please send the following phrase or whatever you would like to
express on the proposed guidelines immediately to votingsystemguidelines@eac.gov. Many technical people are submitting detailed comments, but all you have to do is rewrite the following a bit, so it doesn't look like Astroturf:
"I want Section 6.8 to require a voter-verified paper audit trail for ALL voters and voting systems. It should be mandatory." The current proposal does NOT require voter-verified paper audit trail.

Free and fair elections in 2006!

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