Monday, September 26, 2005

Digby, You Bastard 

Digby made me go to the warporn post at Americablog. Not really. I thought I should check out what he was talking about for myself. And I did make a point of looking at every single horrifying image. With a head full of kind bud. I feel physically sick. Jeebus H.

My first conscious reaction was "everybody should see these" (hold your horses, gentle reader, read on before you do). To paraphrase John at AmericaBlog, this is what war looks like. It's not like the movies, not some at all, to use a Louisiana expression I learned this weekend at dKos.

--- Warning! Gruesome descriptions ahead! --

This rant goes on forever so I've stuffed it into my attic room in the New and Mightier Corrente Bldg.

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