Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And Speaking of Screwing the Newly Poor... 

Could somebody of more legal expertise than I have (which is based largely on extensive viewings of "Perry Mason" in my younger days) please explain why we can't get some judge somewhere to issue a temporary injunction forbidding the implementation of this obscene new bankruptcy law?

(via AP/AL news roundup page)
A new bankruptcy law that takes effect Oct. 17 may sink those Hurricane Katrina survivors who are still afloat.

Jack Jernigan, a New Orleans bankruptcy lawyer who's trying to run his practice from Central Florida, said the Oct. 17 effective date of the creditor-friendly bankruptcy law could have catastrophic effects on his clients, most of whom have low incomes.
Not that the law isn't just as hideous in Alaska as it is in Plaquemines Parish, but there are some particular difficulties unique to the current unpleasantness in the Katrina Zone:
"The court was kind of in disarray anyway," Jernigan said, even before the hurricane.

One bankruptcy judge died six months ago and hasn't been replaced. Another judge is about to reach mandatory retirement age. That leaves one full-time judge and two part-timers who rotate to the court as needed.
C'mon folks, this is the way it works. Everybody knows the steps to this dance: The loons in the Legislature pass some rah-rah bill ginned up with a slogan nobody in their right (i.e. reelective) minds dare vote against (Save the Unborn! Feed the Brain-Dead! Protect the Homeland! Give the President Tools Against Terrists!) knowing full well it will be overturned in the courts (which they also rail against of course) after which the matter can either be hashed out in quiet by the reality-minded or, even more often, allowed to just wander into the desert and expire of embarassment.

Why is this not happening in the Case of the Bullshit Bankrupcy Bill? (See, that Perry Mason influence is still in force.)

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