Saturday, September 24, 2005

600,000 Ugly Ducklings 

Hey Beautiful People: C'mon by the New Corrente Building and read the my take on today's activity (from afar, alas.) Here's a sample:

I was watching the coverage on C-Span of today’s anti-war protest, and following the comments over at the Crack Den, mostly because that’s where I knew a lot of us too poor/busy/far away from the event to go folks would be. A lot of people were complaining about the coverage, but more were complaining about the event itself. Too many issues, too many speakers, not enough “focus.”

I consider myself a bit of a veteran when it comes to protesting, I try to hit at least one or two a year, usually more. I’ve been to DC, and SF, and a bunch of other places for smaller events of a regional nature, and in crowds from 100 to 350,000 or more. Protests are funny things, in that they tend to attract a wide range of people, depending on the subject(s) of the protest and the timing of the event. What I haven’t been to a great deal: rallies that have a lot of “focus.”

I manage to work in the Protest Warriors, Mumia, fat people and rainbow colored farm animals. Just like if I'd actually been there! Plus, live links. I'm too lazy to do the a = href ... dance twice, especially with Blogger. Peace!

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