Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Snark, Snark, Snark 

Famous Correntian troll nudnik, in response to the issue of election fraud in Ohio that was brought up below, commented thusly:
"Dead horse. Find a new one."
True. Having the right to representation in government is so yesterday, I don't know why we all haven't gotten on with our lives sooner. Yet there remain the stubborn holdouts, like famous Correntian not-a-troll, Tinfoil Hat Boy, whose response was so quotable I just decided to reproduce it in its entirety here:
"A new horse? Or a new dead horse? Because I've been riding around on a few dead horses lately - several are hobby horses - because I'm a liberal America-hater living in the tired old problems of the past, totally incapable of solving the problems of the present.

THB's top ten list of dead horses: (All old news and not worthy of any further discussion. These horses have been beaten so many times it's not even fun beating them anymore. They are so yesterday, they're practically the day before yesterday.)

2004 Presidential Election "irregularities."
Downing Street Memo.
Rove Co. Plame Leak.
Illegal diversion of $700 million from Afghanistan to Iraq.
$8 Billion missing in Iraq.
Jack Abramoff + Tom DeLay.
Cheney's super double secret energy task force.
RNC bankrolling the defense of Tobin, NH dirty trickster.
Bush AWOL during Vietnam.
Torture, torture, torture.

And when the fuck is media-whore and liberal whack-job Cindy Sheehan going to get over it? Casey is dead. Like a dead horse. Move on."

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