Friday, August 05, 2005

Novak apologizes, chortle 

The apology is boring, but the incident must have been riveting. Always nice to watch a winger meltdown (back). Now, if only they'd storm out of the White House:

The incident occurred Thursday as Novak and Democratic operative James Carville were handicapping the Senate candidacy of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris. Novak said the opposition of the Republican establishment in Florida might not be fatal for her.

"Let me just finish, James, please," Novak continued. "I know you hate to hear me, but you have to."

Carville, addressing the camera, said: "He's got to show these right wingers that he's got a backbone, you know. It's why The Wall Street Journal editorial page is watching you. Show 'em that you're tough."

"Well, I think that's bull---- and I hate that," Novak replied. "Just let it go
(via AP)

What I like hear is that Carville is ballbusting Novak for being a cog in the Republican noise machine. Seems like some sense is finally seeping into the Beltway 500 (of which Carville is a fully paid-up member).

But my theory on what really happened...

I hear the heat wave we're having has been causing that grey fluid winger replicants have instead of blood to boil over, causing sudden and visible leakage (c.f. Alien). And that's what happened to Novak—right on the set! No wonder he had to leave and go clean himself up, the poor guy... So, if you hear of any more bizarre behavior by winger replicants, now you know why!

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