Monday, August 01, 2005

MBF Watch: Denver Three to sue 

I hope Bush has deep enough pockets. Will the buck finally stop somewhere?

Federal prosecutors have declined to press charges of impersonating a Secret Service agent against a White House volunteer who ousted three people from a speech by President Bush in Denver on March 21.

The three, Alex Young, 26; Karen Bauer, 38; and Leslie Weise, 39, said they were told by the Secret Service that the man admitted ejecting them because they arrived at the event in a car with a "No more blood for oil" bumper sticker.

Dan Recht, an attorney for Bauer, Weise and Young, said his clients plan to pursue a civil lawsuit against the man, accusing him of violating their free speech rights and assaulting them.

"We don't know who it was, but we'll find out who it was and we'll sue him," Recht said. "I'm disappointed but not surprised charges won't be filed, but it remains to be seen whether the Secret Service did a thorough investigation."

Young, Bauer, and Weise were bounced from Bush's appearance at the Wings over the Rockies museum at the former Lowry Air Force Base. The event was part of the president's national tour [Bamboozepalooza] to promote changes to Social Security.

The trio, who have been nicknamed the Denver Three, said the event staffer who confronted them was dressed like a Secret Service agent, wearing a suit, radio earpiece and lapel pin that identifies people with security clearance. The Secret Service has said the man was not an agent.

Bauer and Weise say they were pulled aside at the gate and were told by another event staffer to wait for the Secret Service. They said the man who showed up threatened them with arrest if they misbehaved.

Because the president's visit was a public event paid for by taxpayers, considerable debate has erupted over whether it was legal to bar people because of their political speech.

But White House press secretary Scott McClellan backed the trio's ouster, saying in April, "If we think people are coming to the event to disrupt it, obviously, they're going to be asked to leave."
(via Rocky Mountain News)

Though how the Republicans "think" this, without any evidence... Oh, I forgot! The Republicans have a direct pipeline to the All-Seeing and All-Knowing One.

So I think we should just support the President. And I don't see what all the fuss is about. Of course McClellan is right: Any expression or thought that is not expressed or thought by The Godly One is, by definition, disruptive. Especially when the Godly One is on a national tour. At a minimum, these guys are guilty of thoughtcrime, and at the worst, blasphemy. Personally, I'd say the Denver Three were lucky to escape without a beating (back) Looked at in the right way, I'd say the Bush volunteer was doing these guys a favor.

And the loony left should pipe down being taxpayers and not being able to see Our President. Think of it as giving the unchurched an opportunity to tithe.

NOTE Thanks to alert reader nick.

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