Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ah! The "noble cause" is the flypaper theory! 

Nicole Devenish, some "White House Communications Director" or other:

And I think anyone that is trying to make a point, and she obviously, in addition to being grieving the loss of her son, is making a point. She can rest assured that we've heard that side of the argument. And in the consideration about the best way to protect America and keep people safe here at home, we believe that engaging the enemy in places like Iraq and Afghanistan is the best way to do so.
(CNN via the Amazin' Froomkin)

Um, did anyone think to ask the Iraqis how they feel about being a "place like" the kind of place we fight our enemies? How noble!

And that flypaper theory sure worked real well for the UK, didn't it?

And wasn't the war supposed to be for freedom, or something? Maybe democracy, I forget. I mean, after that WMD thing didn't pan out.

Morans. Complete morans.

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