Friday, July 08, 2005

Throwing Down The Gauntlet To The Right 

BBC World Service said early this a.m. that more credence was being given to the Islamic jihadist website claiming responsibility for yesterday's London blasts, but nothing conclusive has yet been learned. For all the discussion over how coordinated the attacks were, I can't help note that the destruction was actually miniscule compared to what it could have been, and because of that, I'm tempted to think the people who did it might be pretty rank amateurs, thank God.

But, ah, back to where we were so rudely interrupted...
So this much we all should know by now:

1.) Revealing the identity of a CIA covert operative is a crime under the Espionage Act of 1917 and the Intelligence Identities and Protection Act.

2.) Karl Rove was one of the the persons who gave this prohibited information to Matthew Cooper.

3.) Robert Novak published this information as a blatantly political favor to Rove and consequently assisted in a crime.

4.) Judith Miller, who published nothing, went to jail.

5.) Rove, who committed a treasonous crime, and Novak, who aided and abetted him, remain free and face no charges, and in fact continue to pull hefty paychecks, get plenty of face time, and retain some semblance of respectability.

6.) Bush promised back in September 2003 to take action against anyone found to have leaked the info.

7.) Until Miller and Cooper entered the picture, the entire Plame case had obligingly dropped off the radar so far as Bush and his promises were concerned.

So where are all you patriots now, you fighters of wars and defenders of flags? What have you done to attend to this this underhanded attack on the nation's intelligence capabilities? When can I expect to see Karl Rove "frog-marched" off to jail, as Joe Wilson once so colorfully put it? And what charges will you make against a president who so obviously covered for his consigliere all this time?

(Graphic via Screw The Government.)

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