Monday, July 18, 2005

So Much Shit, So Many Fans 

One doesn't know where to begin.

How about here? With a time-out from the several intersections of shit and fan, (Rove/Plame, Iraq, TGWOT, the new link between GITMO and Abu Ghraib, Supreme Court nominations), to take note of a subject too often overlooked, the condition of us working folk and that once-thriving institution, the labor movement, which used to have a major impact in the lives of all who toiled for others, whether or not they belonged to a union. Would that more of us who work for a salary realized the large negative impact on our working lives of the shrinking labor movement.

Check-out Nathan Newman's regular roundup of labor news, now available at the Labour Blog at TPMCafe. Been wondering what in hell is going on with the AFL-CIO and the five member unions who are threatening to pull out? Get the inside dope on that and stuff you didn't know enough to wonder about.

One of the linked to stories is a NYTimes piece on Costco, and its policy of decent treatment for its employees. Also at TPMCafe, Jonathan Cohn has an interesting piece on the NYTimes piece, "The Antidote to Wal-Mart," which asks some interesting questions about Costco as a model employer.

Michael at Reading Al zeros in brilliantly on a piece of the NYTimes piece that tells you all you need to know about Bush's ownership society; a hint; it has to do with how Wall Street feels about Costco's employment policies.

While there, do not miss Michael's equally brilliant dissection of Ben Stein getting "real," even a bit misty-eyed, as he offers an appreciation of "those who earn modest wages and keep the whole system going." Don't miss it; just click here!

Don't worry, we'll be getting back to those shit-hitting-the-fan subjects, so stay tuned. And as a start, while your at TMPCafe, check out this little gem from Anne Lamott about suffering, and not looking away, Ken Mehlman, and the way in which we're all Yossarian now.

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