Wednesday, July 20, 2005

dominicus idioticus 

Father P-NissDestroying the family one ungodly marriage at a time. A call to sanctimonious action from Father P-Niss (you can call me Padre)

It Takes a P-Niss to know an asshole when he sees one (and I don't mean know in the biblical sense):
In "It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good," Santorum finds fault with two-income families, cohabitation before marriage and working women, who have chosen not to stay home with their children, he contends, "because of the influence of radical feminism, one of the core philosophies of the village elders." He also compares abortion to slavery.

"Judging from the blog traffic, women of nearly all ideological stripes are less than happy about what he's written about women working instead of staying home with their children," said Jennifer Duffy, an independent analyst with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. "He appears to ignore that some women work because they have to." [See: GOP Senator in Democrats' Cross Hairs, By Faye Fiore LA Times]

"Cross Hairs", thats'a pretty good one...but anyway...

Frankly I don't really give a flying fornicating screw (metaphorically speaking of course) what or what not Rick Santorum finds fault with one way or another on almost any count. But that has never stopped me from beaming virtuous advice to my fellow man on behalf of the greater common good. That's just the kind of godsend fellow I am. Therefore, I must say, that if I had a daughter (and I don't mean had in the biblical sense) I wouldn't want her shacking up with a potential Rick Santorum either. Whether she intended to eventually marry the silly cluck or not, that wouldn't matter, because I just wouldn't like it. And, if they ever did eventually marry, I'd be tempted to fire off an email to the Pope himself and have the the whole unseemly business annulled. Come to think of it that isn't a bad idea.

So then, I implore all concerned parents out there - those of you with your cross hairs in a snarl - those of you who are the elders of wayward sons or daughters of the Catholic persuasion - who have children who are married to some asshole - those of you who have been subjected to such unholy matrimonial bonds preceeding forth from such romantic cohabitational evolutions on the part of those who hath sprang from your loins - I beseech each of you, my disabused brothers and sisters, take matters into your own elderly hands and communicate to the Holy See your self-righteous revulsion at your children's earlier obstinate insubordination to the Higher sway. pro bono publico!

Take immediate action now! Put the pious fear of God back into the irreverent sinners. Write to the Pope [address to: The Pope, Italy, forward: summer vacation residence] and demand an immediate annulment of your defiled backsliding children's unhallowed unions. For the greater glory of God and church and country and man!

Especially if the family feminazi bitch... i mean poor misled misses!... the poor dear misled help-mate better-half misses... is slipping out of the home each afternoon to service the needs of the local WalMart and ultimately the slave wage retail philosophies of the village elders.

Remember: It takes a family idiot to ruin a village! I think William Faulkner wrote that... or maybe not... whatever...

So write those letters now. Do it for Jesus and the children and the common good. And don't forget to tell 'em Rick Santorum sent you.

Keep those tithes and sweaters coming.

amor vincit omnia

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