Thursday, July 21, 2005

Corrente Interrogation Room #002 

crumblezoneCRUMBLEZONE! Flee to higher ground.

Public service announcement - blogroll additions follow:

5 new Liberal Coalition blogs:
1- Dodecahedron
2- firedoglake
3- Liberty Street
4- Science and Politics
5- Welcome to Gilead

Multilateral (an NTodd production) a hub of liberal blog alliances including Liberal Coalition members.

Watching America News from different sources around the world. Many include English translations. (thanks robin)

News America Now

Fire on the Prairie (In These Times blog/includes radio show feeds)

Blogometer (via The Hotline/National Journal)

Christian Right watch

Patriot Daily

And of course the immortal magician of Mortal Jive himself, MJS.
Mortal Jive

check those out and then report immediately to the interrogation room for donuts.


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