Friday, July 22, 2005

The Art Of Healthy Inquiry--An Open Thread 

Two days ago, in response to a query by Mrs. T about having a place to answer questions, famer threw open the door to Corrente Interrogation Chamber #001.

Correntians examine the facts.

As the responses meandered here and there for the better part of a day, Pansypoo suggested the possibility of an open thread.

I'm bogged down in work and didn't have time to write about David Brooks, that old stand-by, whose columns are now approaching weirdness on the level of a Furry convention.

Nor do I have time to write about the surpassing hypocrisy of Mr. We Don't Do Torture threatening to hold the US defense budget hostage if he has to be held accountable for the treatment of prisoners.

And I don't have time to point out the truly slapstick adventure of our dear Secretary of State in Sudan yesterday, whose staff got slapped around, and who was bereft of an interpreter for awhile because the Sudanese shock troops refused to let one in.

Anyway, I'll be out for a bit.

So have at it, all you seekers of slack.

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