Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You can't trust the Republicans with your money! 

They just keep losing—or should that be "losing"—your dollars.

More stench rising from the Republican one-Partei state in Ohio:

Columbus - A politically connected investment firm lost $215 million in Bureau of Workers' Compensation money, triggering an agency shake-up, a wide-ranging criminal investigation and calls by Democrats for Gov. Bob Taft's recall.

Losses by the Pittsburgh-based MDL Capital Management dwarf the estimated $10 million to $13 million missing from BWC's rare-coin investments and raise new questions about the abilities of former bureau administrator Jim Conrad, who initially soft-pedaled information that surfaced about the losing investments.
(via Plain Dealer)

Say, what about that $8 billion the Republicans "lost" in Whack? (back) The $8 billion they're killing your kids to get their hands on?

And, oh yeah, I'm sure anxious to turn my guaranteed Social Security check over to these guys. I can hardly wait....

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