Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Take Dana Milbank---Please 

Greg Mitchell writing at Editor and Publisher wonders why Dana Milbank, who thought Conyers and his "trip to the land of make-believe" in the Capitol basement provided such comic fodder for his column, didn't find the reason behind the meeting nearly as interesting:
"Oddly, he seem less interested in the far more serious “make-believe” that inspired the basement session: the administration's fake case for WMDs in Iraq that has already led to the deaths of over 1,700 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis. No, Milbank used the valuable real estate of the Post -- its only coverage of the event -- to mock Rep. John Conyers, who arranged the meeting, and his “hearty band of playmates.”"
He goes on to recall the even bigger joke that had them all rolling in the aisles last March, one year after the start of the Iraq war and 500 American lives later, when Bush had a good yuk at the expense of the dead while mugging at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner--"I wonder where those WMDs could be?"--while the hacks in the audience laughed and laughed. After cataloguing the shameful list of comments before and after the event, he explains why he's remembering them:
"I was reminded of all this at the Thursday forum when former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, after cataloguing the bogus Bush case for WMDs and the Iraqi threat, looked out at the cameras and notepads, mentioned the March 24, 2004 dinner, and acted out the president looking under papers and table for those missing WMDs. “And the media was all yucking it up ... hahaha,” McGovern said. “You all laughed with him, folks. But I'll tell you who is not laughing. Cindy Sheehan is not laughing.”
This was the woman sitting next to him whose son had been killed in Iraq. “Cindy's son,” McGovern added, “was killed 11 days after the show put on by the president ... after that big joke.”
Dana Milbank, who seems to like a good laugh, did not mention this in his story the following day."
How much more transparent can they be, these Rovian lapdogs dutifully burying the bones of Bush's crimes?

Or is it just that they are so swollen with ennui and jaded by daily outrages that they no longer even recognize an immoral man playing ventriloquist with corpses slain at his own illegal whim? Unless, that is, the Republican filter explains it for them.

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