Thursday, June 09, 2005


Brief items this a.m. because time is tight and I truly don't want to detract from farmer's fascinating post previous.

Michael Jackson gets the vapors over the impending verdict to be delivered by his jury. Is there any better evidence that the rich in this country are funneled through one legal system while the poor get another? Can you imagine Joe Schmoe from E. 115th St. being allowed the perks and special consideration Jackson has gotten all through this trial? Hell, no, he'd be waiting in Rykers, fending off a cellmate named Feemo.

Elsewhere, Howard Dean defends himself yet again from charges that he's being outrageous, after having made the absurd comment that the Republican party is primarily white and Christian. Well, of course it's not, Howard. Anyone with eyes to see could tell that by watching the footage of the RNC last year. Personally, when I hear the letters GOP, I invariably think: black Muslims.

In Africa, women are being asked to wear a Rube Goldberg-like variation of the vagina dentata, not so much to prevent rape as to mark the rapist after the attack. Somewhat like those paint capsules that explode all over a bank robber's clothes for easy identification, only just on the penis. And with claws. Seems rather lacking on the preventative aspect side, to me.

Ah, the Human Comedy.

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