Saturday, June 11, 2005

Run, Do Not Walk 

I've been off-line for most of the week, so everyone but me may already know about this one.

But if you haven't visited The Poor Man recently, make haste.

Among the kittens and an essential piece of analysis by The Medium Lobster, you will find one of the most brilliant, enlightening pieces of both parody and satire it has been my pleasure to read in lo those many years since I first understood that little boys were different from little girls, surely the essential basis for irony. (Or not; have to think about that one.)

The editors' focus here is on "The Corner," that gathering place for the brightest minds of that Olympian virtual publication, National Review online, and the The Poor Man's editors have looked into that heart of darkness so that you don't have to. This is the essential "Corner," for smarties. (Don't pass up the internal links, either.)

And at the end of a week of many seminal revelations about the Bush regime, if you're asking yourself why I'm pointing you toward humor, it is a well-known fact that laughter is energizing, angst enervating.

Go forth and be renewed. (And don't miss the featured posts by Julia and Ted Barlow.

PS: Has anyone figured out how you get back to The Poor Man's Home page, once you follow the permanent link to a particular post? If so, please advise in comments.

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