Saturday, June 11, 2005

Rich Fucks: Don't want people walking on the beach in front of your house? Bulldoze the beach! 

The world is their gated community, and you don't get to live there:

It is a perennial conundrum for any self-respecting Malibu millionaire: how to stop the public from unrolling their gaudy towels on the beach in front of your house and cluttering up the view of the ocean from the infinity pool.

The answer this year, it seems, is as simple as it is drastic. The association representing owners of the 108 palatial homes that front Broad Beach - one of Malibu's most exclusive locations, where the residents include Goldie Hawn, Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Danny DeVito - has caused uproar by using bulldozers to remove the beach.

Tonnes of wet sand were pushed from the publicly owned area up to the high tide mark, creating a huge barrier.
(via Guardian)

And, naturally, Rich Fucks lie without shame about what they're doing, and why:

Marshall Grossman, a Broad Beach homeowner and lawyer, told the newspaper that the intent was not to block public access, but to restore the sandy dunes in front of the homes that were eroded during storms last winter. "When that happens, homeowners bring their own sand back to the dunes, or bring in replacement sand from outside. It doesn't interfere with public access, because the dunes are simply restored to what they were."


Oh, wait. The Richness of Rich Fucks is ordained by God, so nothing they do can be Fucked. I know, because James Dobson told me so. But I forgot. I'm so sorry. I take it all back.

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