Saturday, June 11, 2005

Republicans trying to claw back New York's 9/11 money 

Of course, Bush promised New York $20 billion in recovery money, so we should have seen this coming:

The feds are expected today to take back $169 million in misused and unspent 9/11 relief money meant for victims of the terror attack, congressional officials said.
(via NY Daily News)

Oh, wait, that sounds reasonable. The money was "misused." And what was the mis-use?

Read on. Seven paragraphs down, here it comes:

A Government Accountability Office report found that $44 million was improperly spent by New York bureaucrats who failed to follow guidelines, sources said.

The money was meant to be used for administrative costs, but much of it ended up compensating victims instead.

I'm speechless.

NOTE Thanks to alert reader grannyinsanity.

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