Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Operational HQ/06.22.05/CR/YR Enlistment Drive 2005 / Summer Jobs in Iraq!

Attention Young/College Republicans! Stand up for your right to work and serve your country with pride! Stop being ignored and persecuted and marginalized by the self-important, self-satisfied and effeminate mainstream media! Tired of rich elitist kids like John Kerry or goofy old liberals like George McGovern getting handed all those war medals and stuff like that over the years. Well, are ya?... sure you are.

Remember when a young gallant southern gentleman named Tom Delay tried to sign up for action in Vietnam and he couldn't do it because they had given all the good search and destroy missions away to poor people and illegal immigrants and black guys and other affirmative action types? Tom Delay couldn't even never get a foot in the war door back then. Or when President, I mean Vice President, heh... Dick Cheney would have certainly gone to Vietnam except that he was really busy at the moment and was faithfully doing his manly duty making Lynne respectable in a traditional family way and by the time he had a chance to pull his trousers back up and tie his boot laces back together the war in southeast asia was already all over?

Or when Rush Limbaugh tried to fling himself into the free fire zone and they told him he couldn't go to Vietnam because he might shit all over himself in a hot LZ or something like that? Jeezis. Rememeber?

Thats because the Vietnam war was a liberal sissy war and the liberals back then, like John Kerry and his commie girlfriend Jane Fonda, didn't want any young God fearin' manly patriotic Christian gentlemen Republicans with steely jaws and steady hands and normal hormonal drives and potentially lucrative employment possibilities going to Vietnam and shitting all over everyone and eventually winning the war for America and thereby embarrassing the snooty elitist liberal weirdo hippy crybabies like Daniel Ellsberg and Bill Moyers and Art Buchwald. If the Vietnam war had been a God fearin' Republican freedom loving capitalist war from the get go there would be an Applebees or a Cracker Barrel on every corner in Hanoi today and you wouldn't be able to sail your company yacht up the Mekong River without running over some vacationing missionary in a fish-n-ski or a bass boat or a floating meth lab. But no....

The 60's liberals wanted all the glory for themselves (even if some pretended not to) and they wanted dopers and hillbillies and welfare queens and guys named Tyrone Washington to win the war in Vietnam for Lyndon Johnson and the Texas Democrats. President Nixon finally put an end to all that bullshit with honor (thats why the liberals hated Nixon) even if he did have to pee and shit all over himself to get the job done.

Yes, as you may have suspected, i have several Phd's in history. They're around here somewhere.

Anyway...and that's why it's ok now to stand up and say I'm a Young College Republican and I'm going to Iraq, or wherever it is, to win the war for George W. Bu$h and the Texas Republicans and Jesus Christ and western civilization. Even if I have to pee or shit all over myself to do it. This ones for you Rush ditto-baby!

vox clamantis in deserto!.

So, Young College Republicans... stand up, be heard, be counted, be proud, urinate down your own pantleg and march right up to that enlistment station and take back that tour of summer duty that is rightfully yours. For more details on Operation Yellow Elephant (OYE) and how you can take back your birthright for God and country-club and the flat tax and the GOP and other reasons I may have neglected to mention above please report to the General immediately. See:

The General can explain. See the following posts (if you haven't done so already) for further details:

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Viva Las Vegas!


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