Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ole Tiller 

Uh oh... I think Farmer Bob might have been feeding this stuff here to the raccoons:
Meanwhile Tiller has put 6 miles between himself and Farmer Bob's crazy spread. He finds himself overcome by an intense fear of water as sheets of heavy cold rain begin to soak the warm freshly renewed earth. He begins to salivate and shiver uncontrollably. In a final moment of lucidity Tiller thinks back to the raccoon that he encountered near the tool shed only days ago. There was something not quite right about that raccoon he thinks; then he takes off in a loping snarling frothy stagger toward a glowing yellow school bus delivering small hopelessly economically unproductive low income elementary school children to a local emergency storm shelter located inside an abandoned tool and dye factory. - Butternut Valley/circa: Spring 2005

43rd State Blues would make a really good name for a band.

update "this stuff here" (link above) fixed. (thanks to Serephin)


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