Sunday, June 26, 2005

How Come Liberal Democrats Hate The Military When There Are So Many Of THEM In The Military? 

The clever folks at CORKED BATS , a clever new blog which has already been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Blogging, (and why not when your local congressperson can nominate you for the Nobel in Medicine), have just shown that they may well deserve something akin to a Nobel by way of their having had the brilliant idea of setting up a blog for military personnel to record their thoughts about Karl Rove and his recent remarks at a GOP fund-raiser.

It will be no surprise to those of us who have always understood what utter crap is the rightwing characterization of itself as pro-military that all kinds of military personnel and their families who consider themselves to be liberal, or to be old-fashioned enough conservatives to not fancy that the other half of America is their sworn enemy, have shown up at TAKING THE FIGHT TO KARL to express their disgust and anger directly to Mr. Rove.

I'll have more to say in a later post about the constant mis-characterization of the right as pro-military, and of the left as anti-military, but for now let me pose this question: how concerned could about troop morale can Mr. Rove really be when he makes a statement meant to get lots of coverage to the effect that half of all Americans support a political party whose leadership is motivated by a desire to heighten the risk of injury to American soldiers in Iraq?

Read what actual soldiers and their actual families have to say about Mr. Rove, let the Corked Bat gang know what a good idea they had, and maybe offer a small contribution, and most important, tell anyone you know who is in the military, has ever been in the military, or the family member of such a person, who are also either Democrats, or the kind of of Republican whom Dwight D. Eisenhower was, to go over to the new website and give a talking to Mr. Rove.

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