Monday, June 20, 2005

Help Make Skippy a 3 Year Old Millionaire! 

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo will turn 3 years old in July:
skippy the bush kangaroo will be turning three years old in about a month! more exciting (if you don't actually have a life), is the fact that we are about 82,000 hits short of a million visitors. wouldn't it be magical if we got our millionth visitor exactly on our 3rd blogiversary?

won't you please help skippy reach his life-long dream of a million visitors on his 3rd blogiversary by linking to this post? media works part 1...

Not only would it be magical but if you act now Robert Novak will disappear down a sulfurous crack in the earth's crust and Tom Delay will turn into a mealworm and be devoured by a chickadee. Plus Jesus will descend from the firmament riding a shimmering sunbeam and turn James Dobson's head into a giant pulsating boil which will explode in a ghastly puss-bath of gore and ooze right there on your national religious broadcasting tv station. And if thats not enough incentive to make skippy a millionaire I'll think of something else...something really disturbing, involving Preznit Make Believe and a cow pony with a huge swollen boner and and and... well, you get the picture... we have about a month to work on it.

Click the link above for radio skippy (bluegrass radio review interview.)

81,999 to go.


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