Saturday, June 25, 2005

Don't the Republicans have secretaries to handle their paperwork? 

And pick up their dry cleaning, and hump their golf bags in from the club, and so forth?

Apparently not:

To avert an ethics docket stuffed with hundreds of cases, Republican leaders have contemplated declaring what amounts to an amnesty for past paperwork errors, then restating the rules and enforcing them rigorously. Substantive violations, such as accepting a trip from a registered lobbyist, would not be excused, according to aides.
(via WaPo)

So, lemme see if I get this straight. The Republicans are going to give themselves a Get Out of Jail Free card for violations of past rules, in exchange for a promise to obey the rules in the future. Hey, if I were offered that deal on, well, you name it, I'd sure take it!

Oh, wait. I didn't read carefully enough. The Republicans are going to address substantive violations. That's alright, then. I'm sure that process will be conducted with complete integrity, as would befit any [cough] Christian. Though how they're going to determine what is substantive when the paper trail has been completely corrupted, I'm not sure I completely understand...

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